Size Instagram Stories

What is the ideal size for Instagram stories BodyPaint? Is it the same for the videos? and the resolution?
If you are in doubt these in the right place in this post we help you answer these questions 환경영향평가.

What is the correct dimension for Instagram Stories?

The size for your Stories to be displayed correctly is 1080px by 1920px Download the mirror dlc. This means that both your photos and videos for the stories should have a width 1080 pixels and 1920 pixels high.
This is a ratio of 9:16.

Other sizes diferentes to 1080X1920 can prevent your photos or videos from being seen correctly, as Instagram will cut parts of your content or zoom in to adapt your image to the size of its dimension 시티즈.
But remember that you can always adjust the photo with your fingers to display it entirety altoutgh will not cover 100% of the screen.

There are also other sizes that will Allow tour Stories display fine, these are:

750px x 1334px
1127PX x 2008 px

Other recommendations on size and resolution

Beyond the importance of size and dimensions there are other important aspects to consider if you want to share quality content in your Stories Download the image converter.

Photo format: Image format must be PNG or JPG
Image size: 30 MB (max)
Video format: Tthe video format should be MOV or MP4 download guitar pro 5.
Resolution: The videos must have a minimum resolution of 720p.
Video size: 4GB (max)
Stories Sizes:
1080px x 1920px
750px x 1334px
1127PX x 2008 px

The best ideas for your surveys in Instagram Stories

Surveys in Instagram stories are one of the most popular features since their launch on the platform. They are a very entertaining way to interact with your followers oott. So in this post we leave several ideas for you to do the most fun surveys in your Stories

Funny survey Ideas for your stories

Surveys on the series/film of the moment

Popular series and movies are a great source of ideas for making surveys in your Stories Download sql 2008 r2. The most popular ones generate love and hatred and most of your followers will want to answer related questions.

You can ask questions for your friends to answer which is their favorite character in a series, to choose the season that they like a classic series, or even better to choose between two series or rival films Download Nobletown.

Music surveys

Music is another great option when it comes to generating surveys in your Stories 파이썬. There are thousands of questions you can ask about music for your followers to answer. Even now by adding the music sticker you can put the song or band you're polling on to make it sound deep in the story Download Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
You can do the classic survey by asking: "Do you like this song?" while the song is playing in the background or you can even be more creative and put the song with a cut right in the chorus and ask your followers as follows the song giving two possible Options 니드포 스피드 시프트.

Surveys to see who knows you more

You can take advantage of the polls to ask questions about yourself and give your followers options to get Download the free sound source. The idea is to make several stories with several questions and that the users go answering. For example you can do a survey asking what is your favorite food?, if you prefer summer or winter, which is your favorite band?, what football team are you a fan Download gumble yu once? Or even make the poll more piquant and ask more personal aspects about your relationship ask if you know each other personally, if you have ever kissed, if you like etc emu8086 다운로드.

To do your surveys is always better to use a good background image for that you can see our funds for Instagram Stories in this link. Instagram Stories Wallpapers

Why don't I get the polls in Instagram Stories

Although this functionality of Instagram takes many months available for use There are still users who report that you can not use this sticker overwatch 다운로드. Here we leave several alternatives so you can solve this problem.

1) Check your version of Instagram

Because you don't have enough space on your device or you have disabled Automatic Updates from Instagram, you may not have a compatible version of the poll sticker. You must verify that the version of Instagram you have installed is superior to version 16 that is where the polls appeared or you can simply enter your app Store to search for Instagram and verify that the Update button appears.

2) clears APP data cache

Sometimes the Instagram data cache can bring problems and limit the functionality so deleting the cache is a quick option and can be useful in this case.
To do this you must go to the menu settings or settings of your cell phone, find the list of applications, choose Instagram in that list and the options of storage choose Clear Data cache. Attention is likely to do this you have to enter the app again with your data so be sure to remember your username and password.

3) Alternative solution.

If you already tried the two alternatives described above and this does not solve the problem means that the drawback is not in the version of Instagram or your mobile. It often happens that in the partial implementation that Instagram makes these features some users are left out of this implementation. But do not despair here we leave the solution.

As the possibility of creating surveys in your stories should be completely available to all users if you create a new account you will be able to use the poll sticker. We are not asking you to leave your account for a new one but to make a new account that will serve to run the polls in your usual account.

1) Log in with your new account where the polls sticker works
2) Create a storie with the sticker and publish it
3) Put your cell phone in airplane mode and turn off the WIFI-in case you are connected to a network-switch to your main account (in which the questions do not work)
4) Create a storie with your main account and the recently used stickers will appear the survey sticker
5) Publish it in airplane mode
6) Turn off the airplane mode
7) The Storie with the survey will have been published and you can use the sticker in your stories.

Draw Yourself the new viral challenge in Instagram

In the last days with a simple slogan many users of Instagram have joined the Hashtag #DrawYourself sharing their drawings and already carry more than 7000 post 영화 돌핀 테일.

The Draw Yourself Challenge had its beginning in Instagram both in the stories and the traditional publications Black tea people. But it's already being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The challenge quickly became viral because of its sympathy and simplicity. This challenge is a template with a figure of a person with a small torso and a big head and encourages users to use that template to draw themselves and share it with their followers 다운로드.

The idea is to take advantage of the editing and drawing tools of instagram stories, to try to reflect ourselves in that small image.

Instagram users have achieved some very funny and interesting designs only with the tools that Instagram gives us, others have opted to use third party tools to make their drawing more beautiful and even there were users who made the challenge in the form of animated Cartoon in a small video Surprise new.

The challenge has a small message in the image to favor its viralizacion and says "Leave a blank behind" so that yous followers can use the empty template and also publish their challenge "Draw Yourself" Download Tail of Tales. But if you do not have the blank template do not get into trouble in this link we leave it so you can join the challenge 무한도전 가요제 2015!

How to put music in your Instagram story?

The right music can make a dull photo or video much more fun! So Instagram announced a few days ago the possibility of putting music on Instagram Stories Daesung My Mac Ingang. Now you can add a song to your story to personalize it and express your mood. What do you expect to use it? In this post we explain how to do it

To add music to a story just go to the stickers section and you will see a new music icon 밴드 게시물 다운로드. Click on it to open the songs library, you can search for a particular song or simply browse the library by genre, popularity etc. When choosing the song you can choose the exact moment of the song you want to appear in your story 더 인크레더블 헐크.

You can also choose a song before recording a video KakaoTalk voice. When you open the camera make swipe to the new "music" option under the Record button. Look for a song, select the exact part you want to post and record the video while the song sounds 한중사전.

When your followers see your story they will listen to the song while they watch your photo or video and they can also see a sticker showing the title of the song and the artist 킹 엑시트.

Why don't I get the music sticker on Instagram Stories?

Instagram announced this functionality on June 28 but even today almost two months later this functionality is not available to all users of Instagram apache apr.

The sticker of the music may not appear to you because this tool is not yet available in your country, Instagram announcement that only some countries selected Comenzarian to have this functionality and then partially would be releasing the rest Download Windows Gadgets. So you may not be in one of the countries that have this functionality and therefore you can not use it.

Another aspect to consider to know why you do not work the music sticker is the version of the application you have installed Download Tekken 7 Technical Table. This new functionality is released from the version No. 51 of Instagram, so you should check what version you have installed on your phone and if you have a lower you must update the APP Download Youtube mp4.

If after upgrading you do not yet appear the music stickers can try deleting the cache of the application, this is done from the settings menu or settings of your computer, you must look for the list of applications select "Instagram" and click "Delete Data Cache "

I have two accounts of Instagram and only in one I appear the music sticker

This behavior is very common in the operation of Instagram, many times users who have two accounts report this problem with this and several other features.

If you have two accounts and one works and the other does not, there are a number of steps you can follow to fix it.

1) Log in with your secondary account where the music sticker works
2) Create a storie with the music sticker and publish it
3) Put your cell phone in airplane mode and turn off the WIFI if you are connected to a network, change to your main account (which does not work the questions)
4) Create a storie with your main account and the recently used stickers will appear the music sticker
5) Publish it in airplane mode
6) Turn off the airplane mode
7) The Storie with the music will have been published and you can use the sticker in your stories.

I hope it works! Let us know as it was

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Icons for your Instagram Stories highlights

In this post you will find the best covers and icons for your highlights stories in Instagram

The stories of Instagram have a ephemeral duration, by default will only be 24 hours available for your followers to see, but luckily Instagram allows us to extend the life of our stories through the stories highlighted ppsspp 게임 다운로드.

The highlights stories are great, Allow us to leave old stories in our profile so that anyone can see them. You can also order them as you prefer no matter the order in which they have been published Download Windowsxp ie8. Also Instagram allows us to personalize even more our highlights stories adding the possibility of choosing an icon or cover for these.

As we see in the image we can personalize the cover of our highlighted stories and add an image that gives more life to our profile and represents the content of those stories Shut down.

How to choose the cover for your outstanding stories

When entering your profile of Instagram you will see an icon with the + sign and the label "new" This option is the one that allows you to create new stories highlighted using your old stories 성난 군중으로부터 멀리.

By selecting the stories we want and clicking next we will see a new screen in which we can personalize our highlighted stories. There we can choose a name for this and we also have the option "edit cover" Download the Japanese translator.

When selecting "Edit Cover" we can choose as cover one of the stories or click on the image icon and select a cover that we already have on our phone Download last stand.

Download icons/cover Stories Highlights

If you liked the icons for the highlighted stories shown in the picture above, we have a complete pack of icons for your stories that you will like much more lg 스마트 리커버리 다운로드.
All these images are already in the right size to be able to use them.

You can see all the icons on this Drive. Download Icons Stories Highlights

The Instagram Green Point: Now it alerts you when your friends are connected

In these last days many users of Instagram wonder what is the green circle next to the profile photo in Instagram, in this post we bring the answer

What is the green dot on Instagram facebook 동영상 다운로드?

Instagram has been updated and from now on you can find out who is or is not connected to your social network very quickly. The green dot will mean that this user is online and you can talk to him through Direct reigns 다운로드.

Otherwise, if you do not see this little green dot, then the person will not be available at that moment.

This new functionality is the same as it was running on Facebook where a green dot also express that a user is connected and is similar to the famous "online" of WhatsApp Download Prima Vera.

Can I remove the green dot from Instagram?

Many users are not satisfied with this new functionality because at some point can jeopardize our privacy about what we do on our cell phone and are looking for ways to avoid showing this green circle 윈도우10 microsoft print to pdf 드라이버.

At the moment is not possible by a configuration of Instagram prevent this green dot deployment, it would be interesting to future Instagram added this possibility considering the requests of its users 팔링고.

How to share stories of Instagram?

Instagram allows us to have several options to share content in your application. In this post we will explain how to share stories in which you have been tagged in your stories, how to share your publications or other users in your stories and how to share stories of other users by direct message 팟빵 pc.

One of the most common queries of the users of Instagram is about the options when sharing content with our followers here we will help you to solve your doubts about this 지니 음악.

How to share a story of another person in your stories

This feature allows you to post stories on Instagram, to share a Storie of someone else first this person must have tagged you in their history Download exciting trots.
Being labeled in that story Instagram allows you to also share it in your story.
To achieve this you must enter to the message/notification that arrives when someone tags you in a Storie Pre-Genesis 3 Part 2.
There you will see a small preview of the history in which you mentioned and a text in blue that says "Add this content to your story"

By clicking on that option you can share that story as if it were yours and add the additives you prefer, stickers, gifs etc 페그오 1000만.

Share publications in Instagram Stories

Instagram now allows us to share our publications or other users (as long as their profile is public) in our stories 시그널 1회. By adding the publication in our history we can add stickers, text, hashtags, polls, questions and any extra add as if it were a normal storie.

The steps to achieve them are very simple and here we explain 210 청춘시대 다운로드.

1) We look for the publication that we want to share in Instagram Stories

2) at the bottom of the publication click on the Direct icon.

3) We will see the option "Add publication to your story" which is the one we should select

4) If we want we can add text, surveys or any content like a common story and publish it bootstrap.jar.

Share Stories on Instagram direct

1) to share the story of another user by Instagram direct you enter to see the story and in the bottom right will appear the button Instagram Direct

2) Clicking on that button will show you the list of your friends in Instagram, there you can choose who to share the story and click Send Download for autocad students!

Why can't I share stories in Instagram?

While the story sharing functionality in which we have been tagged is available on Instagram several months ago, there are still users who cannot use this functionality Download Visual Novel.
Several users have reported that although they receive the message with notification informing that they were tagged in a Storie, in that message they do not have the action to be able to publish the content in their history therefore they can not share in Instagram stories.
This lack of functionality is unfortunately sometimes very common in Instagram where certain users can not enjoy all the tools that the App but here we leave some steps that can be used to correct it.

1) Verify that the application of Instagram is updated, enter your Play store or App Store and look for Instagram if you see the option to update do it and if you do not give the option means that your app is already updated
2) If after upgrading you do not appear the option to share history of Instagram, you can try deleting the cache of the application, this is done from the menu of settings or configuration of your computer, you must look for the list of applications select "Instagram" and Click on "Clear Data cache"



Wallpapers for Instagram stories

The best backgrounds to share in your Instagram stories, all adapted to the perfect size for your stories. These templates for the stories serve as a high quality background where you can add the content you want

Today, Instagram stories are widely used to express many things: feelings, thoughts, reflections, moods, or just writing what you want 풍산개.
And to express ourselves the better way is to use images that give a nice visual content to our words.

In this post we are going to share the best wallpapers for Instagram stories, plus we will explain very simple way to download and use them 맘마미아 영화 다운로드.

How to download Instagram Stories wallpaper

These templates for the stories of Instagram are already in the size indicated to be visualized in perfect way in your stories so you only have to download them as they are and will be ready to use 최윤영 요가.

To download the background you want you just keep your finger pressed on the image and you will see the following menu:

You must select "Download Image" and ready the background will be downloaded to your device Download Random Tower Defense 1.77.

If you want to download all the backgrounds at the same time and already have them on your Smartphone and then decide which to use in this Link Https://
You can download all the wallpapers (the file is in RAR format you must use an application to unzip them we recommend RARLab)
Click here to download RARLab

How to use the wallpapers for your Instagram story

Once you downloaded the image you wanted to share and you can use it as a background in your storie so you just have to create a new storie and swipe your finger up to unfold your gallery and choose the background you had downloaded 산돌신문제비.

Instagram wallpapers

Good without further ado here I leave the wallpapers for Instagram hope you enjoy!

Apple wallpaper

Abstract wallpaper

Car backgrounds


City wallpaper



Nike background Playstation


Background headphones Background Planet Earth


Background PS4 Batman wallpaper


Barcelona wallpaper


wallpaper CR7 wallpaper Messi


Manchester United wallpaper


Arsenal wallpaper


Background Big Bang Theory wallpaper Rick And Morty


wallpaper Phineas y Ferb


wallpaper Rizen






Background Halloween background Minions


Background Pikachu simpsons Background


Background Simpsons Birthday wallpaper




Love Backgrounds




Boca Juniors wallpapers


River Plate Independent wallpaper



Questions in Instagram Stories

Instagram throw stickers with questions, where you can ask questions to interact with your followers where they can respond and we can see their answers and share them Download the Pikachu volleyball game.

Instagram continues to add new features for its users, this Time allows us a very fun option to interact with our friends and followers, with the new stickers we can ask questions that are published in our Stories and our followers will be able to answer 노바 1492 다운로드.
A topic that many are consulting about is the privacy of these answers, are anonymous? Who answered them?
How to put questions in the stories of Instagram 언리얼4?
In this post we will clarify all those doubts.

Privacy of Instagram Stories questions

When you answer a question that a user made in his story, this answer is not anonymous is to say that whoever asked that question will know that it was you who answered Download the tv Literary Museum. So be careful with the answers that are sent.
Another important aspect of the privacy related to the questions is that the user who asked the question can see the answers and decide if they want to share them in their Stories, if the user decides to share the answer this will be anonymous 델파이 http 파일. That is to say that only the one who asks the question can know who responded.

How to use the questions in Instagram Stories

The operation of the questions is very simple here we explain step by step how to use them Age of The Great War 2.

1) Take a picture, video, Boomerang

2) Choose the button "sticker"

3) Select the questions option

4) Write the question you want

Publish History

6) Once the story has been published from the visualizations of your story you can see the answers to the questions and select the one you want to share with your followers Download KakaoTalk apk.

Why can't I ask questions in my Instagram stories?

Many users consult us because they do not see the option of stickers to ask questions in their Stories this happens because Instagram usually launch these new features partially for a number of users before extending it to all 4 downloads of Kang Restaurant 2. Despite this there are some steps that we can try to solve this problem.

  1. Verify that the application of Instagram is updated, enter your Play store or App Store and look for Instagram if you see the option to update do it and if you do not see the option means that your app is already up to date
  2.  If after upgrading you do not yet appear the stickers to ask questions you can try deleting the cache of the application, this is done from the menu of settings you must look for the list of applications select "Instagram" and click In "Clear data cache"

How to share Spotify songs in Instagram Stories


How many times did you get screenshots on Spotify to share your favorite playlist or song in Instagram coding school? You've probably done it many times like everyone else. But no more, in this post we show a simpler way to do it.

Music is never something we should be selfish about, sharing our musical tastes with friends and followers is an excellent option that now Instagram and Spotify simplify us 중국 드라마 대본.

With this new Instagram functionality allows us to share in the stories our favorite playlist, song or album without laps and easily.

1) Open Spotify

We open Spotify and we go to our album, song or Playlist that we want to share

2) Click on the context menu

Click on the 3 points on the top right of the screen

3) Select Sharer

4) Choose "Instagram Stories"

Selecting this option will automatically open Instagram and show you a Storie with the image related to the content you are sharing.  You can edit your story to your liking by enlarging or shrinking that image as well as adding text and stickers 파인딩 블루 버그 판.

When you have finished editing your storie you can share it. Once the public your followers can see and through it enter directly to Spotify Continue reading How to share Spotify songs in Instagram Stories