Statistics for Instagram-5 reasons to use them

The user statistics in Instagram used correctly should be a fundamental part of your social media strategy 다운로드. These are a powerful tool for your brand in Instagram, not for nothing is already speculated that the next change in the social network will be the creation of profiles for companies that will bring the possibility of measuring statistics.

While we wait for this change that will bring us statistics in the official App of Instagram we will show you why it is important to follow your statistics and we will show you the best tools to do so Download Prince of Persia.

5 reasons to track your Instagram statistics

1 allows you to measure your growth in Instagram

The growth of your followers is without a doubt a fundamental fact that shows your progress but many times a lot of followers does not mean everything. It is essential that we can also measure the engament our account is to say the interaction with our followers, the amount of likes, comments and clicks to our links 용기전승2.

Having this data and being able to compared it over time is key to knowing if we are on the right track or whether we should rethink our Social media strategy. There are several free statistics hand tools for Instagram that allows us to measure this here I leave some:

Symply measured

Metric Cool

2 You can know more about your followers and your influencers

Influential users or "influencers" who follow you are the sign that your content has great potential and they could help you to give you more visualization and scope, it is important to have well identified the influencers to seek to interact with them Twin Motion free. Having influencers among your followers legitimizes your presence in Instagram.

The information about the rest of your followers is also important there are tools that allow you to get the information about the followers you have won and the ones you have lost. It is important that you connect this data with the contents that you have published and that you have not published in that period of time to verify that contents make you earn more followers Hangouts pc version.

You can also know the geographic location of your followers this is very important to know if your brand has a local reach or multiple locations.

To know your influencers you can use tools like: Union metrics (free) and Iconsquare (for payment)

To see your statistics on whether you lost or won followers you can use: Metric Cool (free)

For geographic information of your followers Iconsquare (of payment)

3 Generate a Social Media report

Many Community managers who engage in this professionally must generate statistics reports on a temporary basis to present to their employer to show the progress of their work and achievements. If you do not have to do it for work equal it is important that you do it tomorrow if you want to apply to a job of Community Manager will be necessary to show you your achievements obtained in your previous works and if you already have the generated reports simplify much Things Muse Score.

Simply measured allows you to generate a report that you can download as an Excel file.

Metric Cool also allows to generate a report in PDF format but only in its Premium version

Iconsquare allows you to download a report in Excel file format but only in its version of payment

4 You can understand what works and that does not

Statistics can show you information such as your filters and hashtag used and find as these factors impacted your rate of Engagement-which filters give you more like, that hashtags generate more comments etc.-
The objective of this is to discover that practices work better and to replicate them always trying not to be repetitive.

Discover the best times to publish in Instagram according to your Engagement rate, number of likes and number of comments is key information that you also have to consider to develop your social media strategy 하루야.

To obenter these data the tools of Collec and Simply measured will serve you

5 allow you to obtain traffic data that you direct towards your website

Getting accurate data about the traffic you direct through Instagram to your website is a very important point you can check this information and compared to other social networks you have and so decide which you should improve or which you should focus more.

The simplest way to connect with this type of information is through Google ANALITYCS in the section "Acquisition–> Social" There you will know the percentage of traffic you get through the different social networks 얼티메이트 치킨 홀스.

<img src="" src=""></img src="">

Do you know any of these tools for statistics? Have you been useful? Tell your experience in the comments!

Instagram changes its design and opens a new icon

After several years with the same icon and visual interface of the application, Instagram is renewed with a new icon and a user interface.

Instagram has just released its new logo worldwide, both Android users and IOS will see as of today a new logo and also a different interface 박완규 비밀 다운로드. The revamped application icon consists of a simple camera and a gradient-effect rainbow. You will also see updated icons in your other creative applications: Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse 4 구 당구 게임 다운로드. This is what they will look like from now on:


The application interface also changes and presents a simpler design in order to pay more attention to photos and videos without changing the way the application is used 울펜슈타인2. The change of interface consists in leaving the classic blue and black to pass to the black and white.


This is the video with which Instagram announced the change in their social networks 나홀로 집에1 다운로드.

And you can see the new change in your phone I will bless you for downloading mp3? We would like to know that you think tell us in the comments!

7 Tips for your brand's success in Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for visual marketing in your Social Media strategy. Nowadays are more and more brands that rely on their visual power to cause sales, and is that Instagram is the best platform for brands that want to interact with users 태합입지전5. A Forrester study analyzed more than three million user interactions and more than 2,500 brand messages in Instagram, concluding that the rate of participation per follower in the social network was 4.21% versus 0.07% on Facebook and 0.03% in Twi Tter 유튜브 음원추출 프로그램.

It is for all this that Instagram is a network that I consider very useful and fundamental in the face of the promotion of the products and services of any company 생활계획표. If you want your brand Tega success in this social network I leave you 7 tips you should follow.

1 Humanises your Brand

Users and customers like to know who is behind the brand microsoft excel 2010 무료 다운로드. Putting a face on the company's components know their functions and the role to develop within the organization is always a good idea. Try to do it in a natural and fun way attachments.

2 achieve Engagement with your followers

Interaction is key without it it is not possible to develop a social media strategy correctly and grow your profile 알바 이력서 양식. But if we take into account the future changes that could be given in Instagram with the application of the algorithm on the timeline 간단한 mp3 다운로드. It is necessary to create a fresh and flashy content that incites the user to participate and give his opinion.

3 Emotion sells

Attracting customers through awakening and generating desires is one of the techniques that work best cubase 다운로드. Do not let users think that only seek to obtain sales ruthlessly, shows your friendly side and seeks to capture an emotional content in every image you post and have excellent results 스페이스 엔진.

4 Visual Contenio and text

A good image is of paramount importance in Instagram but so is the text that accompanies the image, you should pay special attention to the text taking into account the expressions and the tone with which you address your customers 영화 업 더빙.
This is key as a mediocre text can ruin a high quality image.

5 Take advantage of your users

Your brand surely has a number of loyal users who have a lot to say and show about the company, allows these users to be involved in the generation of content can surprise you the quality of images you can get from your products. Tools such as repost may involve users in the brand communication

6 be different

Look closely at your competition and try to avoid the typical content that is published in Instagram by the brands of your same sector, your goal is to differentiate from them shows a different side that allows to draw the attention of the user. You can share and anticipate your participation in events, fairs, exhibitions, as well as show the environment of your company and its organizational culture.

7 Storytelling

Storytelling's strategy allows us to create a unique and differentiated narrative that I connect with our target audience. Marketing through storytelling campaigns is already a trend in digital marketing strategies to strengthen engagement and increase notoriety. Today, this form of advertising has burst into content marketing, connecting with the public and creating more effective links.
The narrative is visual, and if you use a daily environment in the images and videos, you will perceive it in a closer way. Using the storytelling in Instagram, will give the possibility to strengthen ties with the public, showing in some way the philosophy of the company. The audience will be able to feel part of the brand and create an emotional connection with it.

By way of example you can see the big campaign of GAP in Instagram a storytelling of 12 chapters of 15 seconds to present the spring collection of this brand


Art Latte in Instagram

Some artists use watercolors, acrylic paints and others.. Foam?

Melannie is a San Francisco barista dedicated to art latte, the specialty of scribbling with foam, his workshop is behind the bar, where is the coffee maker download edsql 2008 r2. Like many other colleagues she began to experiment with the art Latte to cope with the routine of serving coffee throughout the day.

What began as a simple game to kill boredom had a great reception by its customers and ended up being an added value to the product they serve in their cafeteria Download Facebook.

Melannie's drawings are surprising and very well achieved not for nothing his profile of Instagram where he shares his images has more than 14000 followers Download Sonic Adventure 2.

In his Instagram we can see not only his finished works but also videos on the creation process, here we leave some of the best.

And The story continues for young Beau Download the media player. #sf #latteart #lattesketch #cat

A photo published by Melaquino (@melaquino) the

Perfect Saturday pairing Download Future Boy Conan. #camera #latteart #lattesketch #sf @neighborbakehouse

A photo published by Melaquino (@melaquino) the

R2D2 FTW Download inter-floor noise! Facebook page link under my bio! #r2d2 #sf #latteart #lattesketch #robot #starwars

A video posted by Melaquino (@melaquino) the

A couple favorites for @tastemade_japan 팬텀 burning! #vittoriacoffee #latteart #lattesketch

A photo published by Melaquino (@melaquino) the

Whhhooo!?!? 윈도우즈 10 pro! #minions #sf #latteart #lattesketch

A photo published by Melaquino (@melaquino) the