Instagram Add a button to translate texts

Through a photo published in the official profile of Instagram it is announced that in the month of July the social network will offer translations of the description of photos and videos as well as the biographies

Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram will also incorporate a button that allows each user to translate the contents of the original text into their own language Download the movie tai chi. This launch will take place during the month of July, although the exact moment has not been specified from the Facebook platform.

This translation function is very important for Instagram and its community of 500 million users, of which 80 percent is outside the United States, according to Facebook's own subsidiary company this week, because of this international use of the APP It is that it already supports 24 different languages but with this new Instagram tool it will help its users to communicate in a more efficient way 직쏘 랜섬웨어.

Look at the languages available in Instagram and how to change the language

Anyway Instagram does not announce that languages are those that will have available the option of translation or that service used for this, but we could intuit that will use the Bing software for translations that is the one that uses Facebook.

This new change could be of great help to international brands or celebrities who have profiles in Instagram as it would avoid having to publish the content in two languages or more.

What do you think of change?

Instagram reaches 500 million of active users

The social network announced that of the 500 million users 300 of them are connected to Instagram on a daily basis and in terms of language Spanish is the second most used 영화 머큐리.

Instagram has managed to consolidate itself as one of the fastest growing social platforms and doubles the numbers of users in just two years 포레스트 검프.

Each day they upload to the 95 million platform of photos and videos, which receive 4.2 billion of "like", indicated from Instagram through a statement 댄싱9.

They also remarked that the "Instagrammers community" continues to become more global because about 80 percent of users live outside the United States Own shoulder.

With these new statistics Instagram shows that it is definitely bigger than Twitter that has been stuck in 320 million monthly users and is also twice as big as Snapchat 멕워리어 4 다운로드.

The platform's constant growth has made it an essential online Marketing tool, allowing different brands to sell their products through the platform 닐로 바보. "It has become a global community with many interests and has transformed industries," consider the company's sources.

Thus, 90% of the 100 best brands (Interbrand 100) already has a profile in Instagram Hoggle 2007. Of these, 82% has updated its profile in the last 30 days and a 80% upload at least one photo or video a week. In general, in addition, brands are publishing more than ever and are updating more and more regularly their profiles Download lol music.

Your brand has not yet Instagram? What are you waiting for Download Honey Music? Here we leave the best tips for the success of your brand in Instagram

Good Video practice for Instagram Brands

Companies are seeing great results with using videos for their Instagram campaigns. In the last 6 months the time that people dedicate to playing videos on Instagram grew more than 40%, and experience shows that adding video to an online marketing campaign favorably boosts the campaign much more than if only static images would be used 밥만 먹고 레벨업 다운로드.

Instagram knows this information perfectly and that's why his latest ads have been referred to the videos, first announcement the length of video time from 15 to 60 seconds and then creating video channels on the Scan tab (now available so It for the USA) s보이스 다운로드.

These changes open up new opportunities to leverage the power of this type of multimedia content in Instagram, but how do you achieve effective videos that have great visibility and generate interaction with the user The most common love? Here are some tips so you can get the most out of it.

1 Sound Off

Automatic video playback on Instagram is sound-free so make sure your videos express a visually clear message 우리은행 ci. Add text and logos to your videos so that it is able to draw visual attention and clearly express your message. We do not say that you do not put any sound to your video but that you make sure that the messages can be transmitted even without activating the sound 녹두꽃 1화 다운로드.

2 establishes a quick connection

Choose a thumbnail for the video that is captivating, use brand colors, themes and images that help people to quickly connect the video with your brand 매직 원 1.0 다운로드. Consider also using vivid images, frontal images of your products and if possible scenes about the lifestyle of the users of the product.

3 Humanises your brand through videos

Showing the human side of your brand is a practice always recommended and for this the videos can help a lot Download gapps. Show your workspace, your employees or your work team this way you get a little closer to all of your followers, showing up as you are.

4 Create a call to action

If your video has a punctual objective: that the user buys the product, visit your website etc, you must create a call to the action in the video mnist dataset 다운로드. You must be clear and direct includes a message in the video and in the description that encourages the person watching the video to do what you want it to do Download the pc version of The Cacao Page.

5 uses video editing Apps

There are a lot of tools that allow you to edit your videos and achieve professional results in a very simple way xing api 다운로드.
From official Instagram applications such as Boomerang and Hyperlapse to third-party applications you can find in your App Store as WeVideo or Stop Motion Studio.

What did you think of these tips? Do you have any advice or recommendation that you add to the list?

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Change in the Instagram feed, Adios to the Timeline!

Instagram already confirmed that completely change the way we see the content of the application, as we had anticipated in mid-March the change is to replace the chronological feed with a feed based on an algorithm Download the financial calculator.

This modification to be carried out during the month of June, consists in eliminating the timeline or the chronological feed where the publications were ordered according to the schedule of publication and instead the APP will have an algorithm that decides that content Show according to your previous interactions Internet Explorer YouTube.

The new change is justified in the fact that on average people lose about 70% of the photos of their feed and with this change is to ensure that 30% you see is the best 30% possible Download sdoku games. The content you will see first when you open the application will be the one in which you have previously shown greater interest, ie you have given like in previous photos, you have made comments, seen their videos etc 시그널 1화.

With this announcement Instagram adds to the type of feed used on Facebook where the order was abandoned Cronoligo long ago and also used an algorithm, the same thing happened on Twitter but optional so it seems to be a trend in social networks Comic Viewer.

So given this change if as a user you want to make sure you see specific content of some of the users you follow more often you have two options Download the proof photo background. First look for your publications and comment on them, with this you will ensure that the content of this profile will be at the top of the feed. Or alternatively you can click on the 3 points in the top right of your photo or profile and select Activate notifications Download Magic Crayon.

In the case of business in Instagram and Community managers you should inform your followers in Instagram about the new algorithm and how they can do to ensure that you do not miss your latest publications tell them in your blog or in an e-newsletter that need Begin to participate with your messages and comments or activate notifications to keep up with the latest content of your Instagram

When this had been announced in mid-March the users had expressed a wide rejection of the installation of the algorithm despite this Instagram decided to go ahead with the change and the algorithm will be a reality for all users at the end of this month Star1 AI.

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