The best photo editors for Instagram

The best image editors for Instagram

Instagram is a social network where the design and the quality of the images is a fundamental aspect for the success of your profile Download The Takest Mind. While Instagram already has a fairly complete photo editor There are many apps on the market that can complement the photo editing for this platform and allow us to achieve high quality photos and a professional look.

I must tell you that I tried almost all the apps to edit images that are in the application market and personally these 5 that I detail below are for me the most useful for Instagram considering ten features that Instagram does not have or has but Not at such a high level as in these applications Windows 8 iso file.
The features you choose are:
Red eye correction, blur, add text, pixelated, stickers, Collage, cut, add image (Double exposure), AutoCorrection, filters



VSCO is one of the most known Apps for all and with a large community of users of Instagram that use it sharing images with the Hashtag #VSCOcam. This App is quite simple and minimalist but with a very careful graphical interface and very visually appealing. Its strong are the filters that have a high level of personalization and are in many cases far superior to those of Instagram Roll Infinite. In the rest is not very different from Instagram does not provide other features as if they do the App that follow in this list.

Download: IOS Android

Adobe Photoshop Express


A classic image editing now in its mobile version, if you do not know how to use Photoshop in your desktop version do not despair the mobile application is much simpler and intuitive and also maintains a high standard of editing. The strengths are the auto-correction function and red eye correction for humans and pets!

Red eyes: As I said is for me the strong of this App allows to quickly eliminate the effect of the flash in people and also in pets that is something I had not achieved with other image editors children's book read.

Cut: It has an interesting function "contraint" that allows to cut the photo and adapt it to the size for a mobile device or other formats that you wish.

AutoCorrection: This function of autocorrection is really useful and allows a noticeable improvement in the image.

Filters: It has a lot of filters although not all really improve the image Download map of Gyeonggi Do. Some can be flashy or funny but are not functional from the photographic point of view.

Download: IOS Android

Auto Desk PIXRL


For me the best editor of this list, I'm really surprised by the amount of tools provided by this app and its simple operation. That a single application allows you to make collages, add text, blur effect, double exposure, red eye correction etc. It's no small thing.

: The filters of PIXRL are not like the classic filters that we find in Instagram or VSCO but they are filters to give a total change to the image: They will add color, invert the tone of the colors, modify the tones of light etc 호호북스.

The only one of the applications of this list that allows to make a pixelated to an area of the image that we choose not to show for reasons of privacy or intimacy.

e: With PIXRL we can make fun collages with our images and choose the color of the collage frame.

Red eyes:
The red eye correction function is not the best but functional Download the piano tile game.

s: Allows us to add a lot of stickers or labels as they are called in this App. The amount of stickers you have is quite large and with a great quality in them.

Cut: A basic function but often do not have other applications, PIXRL in contrast if and allows to cut in sizes 1:1 4:3 4:6 16:9

Text: With this App we can add text to our images, give color to the text and the strong point is the large number of sources among which we can choose

Desefonque: The Blur effect unlike Instagram allows you to choose the particular area that we want to blur and the intensity with which we want to make the effect body of the body.

Add image (Double exposure): We
can add to our image another chosen from our gallery and decide what kind of exposure effect we want to give you.

Deascarga: Android IOS

PicsArt Photo Studio


A high quality photo editing application, allows multiple personalization options and the most striking allows the clone effect as in Adobe Photoshop, also allows you to perform animated gifs and change the size of the image by choosing the height and width in Pixels.

Blur: The "Tilt Shift" function allows you to give your images a blurred effect in a radial or linear way.

Text: With this application you can also add text to your images, although the best fonts are paid Download metal slug mobile.

Stickers: With PicsArts You can also add stickers to your photos some are free and others have to pay to use them.

Collage: The function collage in this App is one of the best allows you to choose between a lot of frames for your collages and also choose the background of them. It also has the default Tamna to make collages for Facebook covers

Cut: The option cut in this image editor allows us to cut the photo free or in the default sizes 1:1 4:3 3:4 3:2 16:9

Add Image: PicsArts also allows to add one or several images that already have in our gallery and edit them to our liking

AutoCorrection: The auto-correction function allows many options such as noise correction, defect correction, teeth whitening and shading

Download: IOS Android



Snapseed was a few years ago the application of photo editing par excellence Today the competition has reached its level but remains a reference within the editors of images for its simplicity of use and the option of editing by zones that allows Select which part of the photo we want to add effects and not apply them to the whole picture.

Cut: A quite complete cut function allows us to do it in 3:2 4:3 5:4 7:5 16:9 formats or free form

AutoCorrection: The self-correction function of this app is not my favorite in the images you edit with Snapseed there were no great improvements when applying this function and in some cases worse the image.

Blur: This effect has several very interesting options because we can make a blur not only radially but also in the form of a star, heart, Pentagon, hexagon and linear form

Filters: The interesting thing about the option of filters in this editor is that they have names that already indicate to us the effect that we will achieve with their application for example: "Vintage" "Light Retro" "Black and White"

Download: IOS Android

Would you add any other application to the list? But Pruebalas and tell us what you found

The best image editors for Instagram-Infografia

Instagram advantages and disadvantages for your Online Marketing strategy

Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing social networks. Its statistics of use and number of active users are surprising with the recent announcement of having reached 500 million users and having thus duplicated its number of users in two years 2016 Excel.

His data on the alto engagement that get the marks on this platform is also very striking and has made sure that all Marketing specialists begin to pay attention to this social network and take it into account in its brand strategy android studio 3.0.

But thinking more cautiously that can give Instagram that they can not provide other social networks where most companies already have account Download the Korean Spanish dictionary? Is it really an advantage to create a profile on this social network and add work to the Community Manager? These questions are very common and we have all wondered why we try to make this list with the advantages and disadvantages that can bring you Instagram for you to evaluate Download Movie Keeper.


614344-1-128 Frequency of visits and number of users 

According to the annual study of social networks conducted by IAB, Instagram with Whastsapp are the two social networks where more has increased the frequency of visits to users is to say that users often enter several times a day to the App to check the Feed and see New publications Download sysmac studio.
As for the number of users is not a minor data Instagram has 500 million users and 300 million that enter the APP daily, this means it is 60% larger than Twitter and twice as big as Snapchat 다빈치 리졸브 다운로드.

2 Owning your company name

You must register your company name before someone does it for you, remember that social networks are very used by clients before making a purchase or hiring a service, today 80% of people research on the internet before buying 라즈베리파이 os. What would happen if you look for your brand in Instagram and is a third party or a competitor who manages an account with your name?

3 Young public

The young public in Instagram is overwhelming majority most of the users of Instagram are between 18 and 35 years so it represents an almost essential network for brands that want to attract this type of public 표준새번역.

4 Growing video Platform

In the last 6 months the time that people dedicate to play videos on Instagram grew more than 40% and from the company have taken several measures in relation to the video platform for this continued growth (LinkS) If you continue with this growth soccer RMA videos will be an increasingly interesting option compared to other more consolidated platforms like Youtube or Vine Download the manufacturing cost statement.

5 High engagement

The engagement is a fundamental aspect in the social Media and is the most important data in any management of social networks even more than the number of followers Download The LabelHome. And in engagement Instagram is the king different studies have shown that for the case of trademarks in Instagram the engagement they get is much higher than that obtained in other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

6 Humanize your brand in a natural way:

Instagram is in my opinion the ideal platform to achieve this task. Through Intagram you can show in a natural and creative way that your brand is not just a logo and you can make the audience see that behind that logo there is a whole team that strives to satisfy them. Show photos of the members of your team and try to reflect in the photos emotions, sensations.


11 Difficulty attracting web traffic

Instagram does not allow links in your photo publications or videos even in the comments. The only link you can put is in your Bio, which can make it very difficult to attract direct traffic from Instagram to your website.

22 Quality of images and Videos

Instagram is above all a very visual social network where the quality of the images and the videos is on average higher than those that are shared in other massive social networks. If you want to have an account in Instagram you probably need to generate specific content for this platform because that content must have a visual quality superior to other images that you share on Facebook and Twitter.

33Limited Desktop Web version

If you want to use Instagram from a desktop PC and enter your official site you will see that you have several limitations to manage your account. You can not upload images or use the Scan tab (unless you use Bluestack) so the content generation on this platform should be 100% from your phone.

You know the pros and cons of Instagram for your online Marketing strategy, I personally believe that the advantages outweigh the downsides and that this platform can provide great potential to any brand that decides to take advantage of it.
What do you think?