Instagram introduces "Events" a function similar to that of Snapchat

Through a recent announcement on his blog the company owned by Facebook reported a new change in the Explore tab Download the full service.


The new "events" function consists of a new section within the "Explore" tab in this we will be able to watch videos about events such as concerts, sporting events and more 소나티네 악보 다운로드. This content as the rest of the Browse tab is a custom content and will show events that are relevant to the user.

"Events" will work in real time a
nd show us the contents of important events that are happening at the same time, so for example if Instagram detects your interest in sporting events will surely show you videos of the games that interest you the most Download the English resume form.

For now only available to the United States because the algorithm is improving as it is tested and polished, will begin to reach the new content to more countries Download the Rails file.

Has the war between Instagram and Snapchat started?


The announcement unleashed controversy again for its similarity with the function "live" Snapchat remember that a few days ago Instagram had announcing "Stories" another function that had several similarities with Snapchat 무료 영어 듣기.

Instagram seems determined to compete strongly with Snapchat and is copying ideas that have had a great success in its competitor, remains to expect which will be the reaction of Snapchat before these measures by Instagram 사운드 클라우드 음악.

Meanwhile the implementation of "Stories" just a few days ago by Instagram does not seem to have affected its competitor in the least exid hot pink.

According to the figures of Sensor Tower (a mobile Applications market research company) quoted by Business Insider, Snapchat users continue to use the application in the same way they did since before the launch of Instagram 제노니아s. Stories on August 2.

SensorTower says the use of Snapchat remains oscillating in the 20 minutes of use per day, while Instagram is maintained around 15 minutes. The triumph of Snapchat is mainly due to the young people who see 10 million of videos a day in the app.

It is still very early to draw conclusions but the Parcer Snapchat and Instagram have different audiences although they offer an increasingly similar product. Snapchat ensure reaching 41% of the public from 18 to 34 years in the United States and a recent survey of Piper Jaffray showed that Snapchat is the most popular application among adolescents in the country. Last year's survey showed that 33% of U.S. adolescents polled considered Instagram their most important social network, but this spring that number had been reduced to 27%.

Instagram Stories for PC

Chrome IG Story An extension for Google chrome that allows you to use Instagram Stories on your desktop computer.


Just a couple of days ago that Instagram launched its new functionality, called Instagram Stories, this new tool allows you to make a publication in which we can include several images and videos published during the day Download han's mac. Unfortunately the stories can only be seen in the mobile app, but now there is a way to see the stories of Instagram through the browser with an extension for Chrome 맥북 윈도우 드라이버 다운로드.

This extension is called Chrome IG and allows very simple to view the Stories of Instagram on our pc, just install the extension, and then enter the website of Instagram I only downloaded the level-up pdf alone. (, log in with our Instagram account and we can see the "Stories" at the top of the screen.

What is striking about this extension is not only that it allows us to see the stories on our computer but also allows us to download them 터닝메카드 극장판.

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Are you ready to use Instagram stories on your PC Download The Jesus Christ Superstar? You can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store

How to use Instagram Stories, complete guide (updated)

Complete guide on how to use Instagram Stories the new functionality of Instagram.

Instagram stories is the new way to interact in Instagram, recently announced yesterday (2/8) are many people who wonder how is the operation of this tool so we bring you this Tutorial on how to use Instagram Stories Download the Java compiler.

This tool is very similar to the operation of Snapchat because it allows to upload photos and videos that will be eliminated in 24 hours. As you share your different photos and videos, they appear together as a sequence of film that forms your story 일어 이력서.

Without further introductions we leave the guide on how to use Instagram Stories.

Tutorial Instagram Stories

Step 1

When accessing Instagram we touch the "+" button in the upper right corner immediately will turn on the camera and we will be able to take a photo or record a video if we hold the shutter


With the new update we can also choose to record a video in Boomerang format or handsfree mode is to say shoot a video without having to press the shutter 2015 revised curriculum.

Screenshot (08-15p <a class=네덜란드 지도 다운로드. M., Jan. 19, 2017)" width="168" height="300" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-645" srcset=" 168w, 576w, 648w, 108w, 720w" sizes="(max-width: 168px) 100vw, 168px" />

If we want to use a photo that is already in our gallery what we should do is drag from top to bottom with your finger and we will be able to choose a photo that we have previously taken in the last 24 hours if you want to know how to upload an old photo visit this post


Step 2

Once we take the photos we can add text, for that we touch the button with the letters Aa in the top right, so we can add texts and emoticons from our keyboard


We can also add stickers and emoticons from Instagram by clicking on emoticons icon to the left of the pen

Design without title

We can also draw on the picture for this we pressed the icon of a pencil and chose between fine tip, thick tip or double tip


Then we can choose the color that we want to draw between the colors that are at the bottom of the App and the size of the brush dragging from top to bottom on the right side of the screen


Another of the editing options that allows Instagram Stories is the application of filters to the image we take to apply the filters you should drag your finger from right to left on the screen express vpn 다운로드.


Step 3

Once the editing of the image is finished and you can share for this you tap the button that is at the bottom of the screen


Edit history settings

To choose who can not see the story that we have already published you should go to the feed of Instagram and at the top we will appear our profile photo with a circle around that indicates that we have published a "Storie" we tap there and see the photo or video we have CO Mpartido then we must press the icon with the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen Download Roman Total War 2.


Immediately we will see a menu where we press in "History settings" and then in the "Hide history to" option we can choose who do not want to view the story published 인터스텔라 다시보기.


Some Tips:

  • To save your story in the gallery press the download button in the right corner of your story 이스 페르가나의 맹세.
  • You can also share in stories images and videos created with Boomerang and Hyperlapse.
  • You can see who saw your story just have to open your story and at the bottom you see a number, that's the number of people who saw your publication and if you press there you will find who saw it Download logitech keyboard driver.

  • Instagram launches "Stories" functionality very similar to Snapchat

    Instagram has just announced a new feature that will be implemented globally over the next few weeks on IOS and Android, this tool is very similar to the operation of Snapchat as it allows you to upload photos and videos that will be eliminated in 24 hours 시동 무료.


    The new functionality is used to publish different times of the day to day, several photographs and videos, in a single publication Visual studio 2015 professional. With Instragram "Stories" you will be able to share how many photos and videos you want because they won't appear in your feed but you will create a special section in the top of the App where you will see the "stories" of all the people you follow and you can enter them 올훼스의 창.

    This feature allows you to share all the times of the day, not just the ones you want to keep in your profile. As you share your different photos and videos, they appear together as a sequence of film that forms your story certificate of dismissal. With "Stories" you can give more vitality to your story, using drawing and text tools.

    Unlike the usual publications in this new tool can not comment or give me like if you want to comment something you can send a private message to the person by Instagram Direct

    Your story has the same privacy settings as your account Download pixel art designs. If your account is private, only your followers can see it. However, you can also hide your sequence completely if you do not want someone to see it, even if you follow x마인드 다운로드. When you review your story, you can see who saw each picture and every video. You can also choose if you want to publish a specific part of your story in your profile Download For free in Frozen 2.

    If you think that Stories is very similar to the operation of Snapchat you're not the only one who thinks in fact the CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom to be consulted on this surprisingly admitted "they deserve all the credit" but insisted "this is not about who invented it , this is about a format and how you take it and take it to your network and design it to your liking microsoft office professional plus 2016 다운로드. "

    In this video you can find more information about Instagram "Stories"

    What do you think of the new feature Download speech recognition?