Instagram announces live videos and Efimeros messages

The last update enables the option to publish a live video, like Facebook live or Twitter Periscope, the same happens now with private messages (Instagram Direct); The user can create a type of message or video that disappears once it was viewed Download the movie Hitman.

Instagram Live
Instagram Live

Instagram seems to be combining the best of Snapchat and Periscope to continue adding functionality to your App, centrandonse it on your video and private messaging platform cdrwin.

Today, two new features begin to be deployed in Instagram stores and will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Instagram Live allows streaming live to your followers in real time, but the content can only be seen while the transmission lasts without repeats ms office professional plus 2016 다운로드. But users will be able to search for the best videos that are streaming live from the Explore tab.

When you want to transmit live video, you have to create a new story (stories, the circular button with the + next to the logo) and choose the new option (live) that adds to the existing, photo and video Nebom downloaded.

When the user starts transmitting, his followers will receive a notification that is being streamed; You will be able to see the video, and leave comments, that the transmitting user can answer by text (or speaking) A pink luv.

As for the messages Efimeros now when you go to share a photo or video with Instragram stores you will be able to select a friend or group of friends for send, is something very similar to how the stories are sent in Snapchat but adds the message functionality Group 퀸 노래.
Your friends who receive your Storie privately will only be able to play the content twice before it disappears

The innovativeness of these new updates is that ephemeral messages and live video streaming give the creator full control over his audience Download Laser Surround Pro. You can see if someone starts to see your live broadcast and can not see it again and as for the ephemeral message you choose specifically who you want to send doctor 5 times. This means that no one can see your content without your knowing it immediately something that Snapchat does not offer for public accounts.

Do you have any questions about the new features? You can leave us your query in the comments or in our social networks, we will be happy to answer!

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How to tag users in Instagram Stories

Instagram recently announced new changes to its platform, specifically in the functionality of "Stories".

The new changes allow you to label the people you go to in the picture or video in ' Stories ', so they know that they are part of your publications and people who see them will be able to access their profile if it is public c Download Eclipse. You can also make Boomerang, that image format that repeats indefinitely, directly from the section of ' Stories ', so you will not have to change application to use 눈이부시게 1화 다운로드.

To tag on Instagram Stories, it's as easy as it is in conventional photos and videos. When you have the photo or video, you click on the content and start typing the user's name to tag and Instagram displays suggestions; When you see the user name you want, you click and you are done https 인증서 다운로드.


Tagged users will receive a notification when labeled on Instagram Stories, similar to how the Instagram system currently works everest 무 설치 다운로드.

To use the Boomerang function you only have to slide the reel at the bottom to this functionality and ready this allows to record one second videos that are repeated in loop when creating videos with the function of Boomerang in Stories, you can choose the option To switch between the front and rear camera of the devices vmware workstation 12 다운로드.

These Instagram updates are available from Version 9.7 for IOS, Android and Windows 10.