How to upload photos from the gallery to Instagram Stories

In this post we will show you the different alternatives to upload an old photo of your gallery to Instagram stories avoiding the limit of the last 24 hours

As we all know Instagram stories allows us to upload photos that we have previously taken with our cell phone but only if these were taken in the last 24 hours morphvox 다운로드. Many times it happens that we would like to go up to our story a slightly older photo so we will show you the different alternatives to upload photos from our gallery to Instagram stories iwara 다운로드.

You can send the photo by email

Surely in your smarthpone have a mail configured that you usually use, if you create a new email attached to the same photo you want to upload and send it to yourself in a few seconds you get that photo to your inbox when you open and download the photo will be For your cell phone a photo created in the last 24 hours so you can upload it to Instagram Stories 범죄도시 720p 다운로드.

You can upload the photo to Instagram in airplane mode

Just put your cell phone in airplane mode and enter Instagram upload a photo in the classic format not as Storie, proceed in a normal way and give "publish" to the photo,

Instagram will issue an error message warning that the photo can not be published because you have no internet connection but the image is stored in your gallery in the usual folder Download KidCop.

By doing this the photo will be available to be uploaded to Instagram stories.

You can take a screenshot

Another very simple way to upload an old photo to Instagram stories is to open the photo on your cell phone and make a screenshot, to make the screenshot that Screenshoot can be uploaded to Instagram stories since it was obtained less than 24 hours ago

How to download Instagram stories

Continuing with our guides and tutorials on Instagram stories in this post we will show you how to download and save the stories of Instagram from other users jsp 파일 생성 다운로드.

Pablo (7)

Many times we see in Instagram stories images or videos that we would like to watch again and the limit of 24 hours duration of the stories does not allow us to do so is why here we will explain very simple way we can download the Stories of Instagram t Anto photos as videos to save them on our cell phone and see them as often as we want Download Ole Ebook.

How to download Stories from another user

Step 1

To do this we will use the application InstaSaveStory can be downloaded in this link

Step 2

Once downloaded the app and we open it and we will find a menu that allows us to enter the user name of Instagram (the user must be properly written verifies well the name in Instagram before using the app) enter the name and tap the magnifying glass , we will appear an image like the one that see here where the user wanted to show us Download other codes.

Download Stories

Step 3

Once we find the user who want to download the story we choose to wait a few seconds to load and we will appear the Stories that this user has today 황금투구전설.


Below each Storie we will have a button that says "Download Image" or "Download Video" depending on the type of content Download Minecraft 1.13 Bucket. Tap that Download button Image or Video and the content will be stored in our cell.


If you still have doubts about the process you can see this video Download the vulnerable elderly support system!

Alternative Online

If you do not want to download an app to download the Stories you can also do so online through the website 트와이스 cheer up.

On this website just enter the user name of Instagram you can see the stories available to download.

Order of visualizations in Instagram Stories

The order in which they appear who saw your stories is one of the queries that most usually make us about Instagram so here you can have the answer to the order of views in Instagram Stories 트로피코6 한글.

Order Visualizations Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories among many interesting things it have is the option to know who were the people who saw your Stories, this is shown in a list form 카라 맘마미아. If you do not know how to see this here we explain briefly how to know who saw your stories.

To see who saw your story, open the story and slide your finger up on the screen 배우프로필 양식 다운로드. You will see the number of people who saw each photo or video in your story, along with their names.

One of the questions that are made many users of Instagram have is on the order in which these visualizations are shown, is that many times in this list are the same people that appear at the beginning of the list, no matter who was the first to see it by the order that follows is not chronological and is not based on the number of times that person saw the story Download Hancom Office Viewer.

The answer is that Instagram shows you the visualizations of your stories in an order based on your interaction with your followers is to say that if you constantly look at the profile of a user and interact with his profile the algorithm of Instagram goes into action and Value higher than the rest of the people who have seen your stories 오토 캐드 2013 무료.

The algorithm can value many things not only visits to the user profile but also comments like and other interactions between users.

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