Instagram Carousel: Multiple photos in a single publication

The new Instagram update allows you to share up to 10 photos or videos in the same publication


The new functionality is already available in the 10.9 version of Instagram for IOS and Android Moana free. This tool allows us to create albums with several photos in the same post.

To use this tool you only have to select the option to upload a new photo and you will see a new icon that allows you to select multiple photos and videos Download the Google Drive mobile folder. It is very easy to use and you can choose the order in which the content will be displayed as well as the filter to apply.
This type of publications has a unique description for all content 냥코대전쟁 일본판 다운로드.

You can identify the albums that your friends post because the publications will have gray dots below it. Or if you are watching from the users feed you will see an icon in the upper right corner Energy Plus.


This function already existed but only for companies that want to advertise in Instagram and was called Carrousel but from now is available to all the public with just updating the app to the latest version.

If you still do not have this function we leave the links where you can update and begin to publish several photos in the same post.



Whatsapp states the new function Similar to Instagram Stories

Whatsapp will meet this February 24 8 years since it was released to the market and in coincidence with that date the App suffer a great renovation consisting of the implementation of Stories on this platform Download Winmp Skin.

Whatsapp Stories

The implementation of Stories in the social networks seems to be today common currency Download Ubuntu 18.04. First was Instagram with the arrival of the Stories in August 2016, recently was Facebook and there are rumors about a future implementation in Tinder and now Whatsapp has just announced the same on its platform Download window mode.

The operation of this tool will be very similar to what we are used to in Instagram, it allows us to capture images or video edit it with stickers, drawing or using filters 천지인 자판.

The duration of the content will also be 24 hours and after this period the state disappears and no one can see it.
From the company they assured that these states will also have end-to-end encryption as well as messages 와신상담.

The update of Whatsapp that allows to use the Stories is not yet available to everyone but we hope that in the next few hours it is. In the meantime remember to keep your App updated gsp 무료 다운로드.

IOS: Whastapp Messenger Iphone

Android: Whatsapp Messenger Android

Does this affect Instagram Fantastic Fortune?

Knowing what is going to happen to the future in Instagram with so many changes in the social network market is not easy, but do not forget that Whatsapp has become more used instant messaging service worldwide and could generate a genuine Competition to Instagram as far as sharing ephemeral content is concerned, to this we must add the recent implementation of the stories also on Facebook Download java 6 version.
Just wait to see what happens and users choose which platform prefer to share their ephemeral content.

Facebook Stories: The new function of Facebook to make publications that last 24 hours

Facebook is implementing in several countries its new tool of Stories. After the success achieved with the Instagram Stories now seeks to generate the same on its main platform Orcad 16 5.

"Today, we are enabling changes to Facebook applications for IOS and Android in Italy, Hungary, Argentina, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Malaysia Triplets. We will begin to test a new camera on the left side of the news section, which makes it easier to share moments as soon as they happen, "the social network reported in a statement 결혼식 음악 다운로드.

Some users already have the possibility to test this new functionality by updating the APP to the latest version while the rest will have to wait for the next few hours to use it 딜라일라.

The operation and interface of the Facebook Stories are identical to those implemented in Instagram, the content lasts 24 hours and then disappears and also has the possibility of being sent by Direct to a particular user and the content of self-destruct after Be seen or once they pass 24 hours Download the English translator.

The novelty that this implementation brings is the appearance of filters to the best Snapchat style in the stories feature that is not present in the stories of Instagram I've heard it in the windfall of the long-term and the faces. The Facebook stories brings several filters like the ones you can see in this video.

"Our strategy with this work is simple: we want to provide fun and flexible ways for people to share creative, expressive and fun photos and videos quickly and with those who want to, at any time," they assured from the social network, In a statement

To test this functionality need the latest version of Facebook below we leave the link so they can download it AutoCad Dream.

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