Games for Instagram Stories

The massive use and success of the Instagram stories in the last time popularized among users a very particular practice as is the publication of games or challenges for Instagram stories Download drozer.

Nowadays many users spend their leisure time watching the stories of their friends in Instagram and that is why it is increasingly common to see profiles that are dedicated to publishing games in their stories Download The Genius Rule Breaker. In this way they manage to amuse their followers and at the same time generate interaction with the user and increase their engagement.

The games or challenges that are used for it are of various types Download samsung browser video. Trivia, riddles, polls, voting but they all have the same goal to encourage the user to participate to give their opinion and often can get a reward for it download osu mania. Sometimes the prize is like in your photos, or simply label the winning user and thus give visibility to your profile.

These games can be sometimes positive for the growth of a profile in Instagram since the interaction with the followers is something very valued by the algorithm of Instagram and will in many cases allow to make Instagram position favorably its publications On the Timeline or Feed 데몬 프론트. But it can also be negative why there are many users who complain about this type of content in the social network.

If you want to try your luck and see how the games work in your stories here we leave you some examples that we have seen so they serve as an inspiration Respond 1988 Hyehwa-dong.

10 reasons

The chain of 10 motives is one of the most popular in the stories of Instagram, is to publish 10 photos following the reasons shown in the image 원격 서버 파일. We leave this template so that you can use it in your stories


As in the well-known television program is presented an alphabet in circular form is selected a letter and gives clues on a word that begins with that letter, the user is encouraged to participate by sending a message and is promised a prize to whom Guess PR Imero Affectionate Gongwoo!


It presents a collage with photos of celebrities of the same category as in this case YouTubers and it is encouraged to the users to vote who eliminarian by means of a direct. The elimination is done one at a time and another photo is uploaded with the celebrities who are still in the race to find the winner.


Trivia Games There are all types here we show them the two that we found more fun

A trivia where you upload a short video with a background song and users should guess the name of it, or other times the artist who composed the song, year of release etc. And a prize is promised to whom guess.

Another very common trivia is to publish a photo of a famous with his face pixelated and that users guess who it is.


This game we found the most original, presents a picture with a series of images inside them where each image has an assigned number and a prize. Users must choose an image and their number and send their choice by direct. The images have different prizes and who chooses first will be the winner. Prizes can be a certain amount of likes in your photos, a mention in a stories or a repost in the photo or video that the winner chooses

What other games can you think of? We counted in the comments!

Zoom in Instagram Stories

There are many queries that come to us the relationship to the possibility of using zoom in the stories of Instagram. So we decided to make a post where we will try to evacuate all your doubts Ozone free.


One of the most common queries is how to take a photo or record a video for the stories using the zoom function to take more closely to the object in question Doujin. This is solved very easily when you take the picture slide your finger on the screen and ready.

Another of the questions that usually we consult is on how to zoom on the stories of our friends to be able to see the image in greater detail Download the movie Exorcist.
This is a point that deserves special consideration because the app of Instagram does not allow us to zoom on this content at least in your app 마운트앤블레이드 펜도르의 예언 다운로드.
To achieve this we must download the content to our cell phone and there we can zoom over the image.

We can choose two ways to download a storie to our cell, through a screenshot or through a specific app to download stories like Insta save Storie, you can find a tutorial on how to use it here

Whatever form you choose once you have the content on your Smartphone you must open the photo normally and zoom from your device basic body temperature table.

5 tips for using Instagram albums

5 Instagram Albums tipsThe new update of Instagram opens now the doors to a new way to publish our content in this social network, with this new opportunity to publish up to 10 photos or videos in the same post we have many more alternatives to exploit than before 파이널 데이터.

In this post we will show you 5 tips to get the most out of the Instagram albums

1-Reveals a surprise

Shows in the first slide an image where there is something that is not fully displayed and then in the following images shows a little more and more about this to reveal the mystery completely in the last image, this type of publication can be very effective as realm It encourages the user to see until the last image Download The Shared Gothic Otf. Here we see an example of how I use the Cosmopolitan magazine in his Instagram

2-Longer videos

One of the big limitations in Instagram is the duration of the videos Download your smartphone Google Earth. This is still up to 60 seconds which sometimes may seem a little short, but from now you can upload in a same publication 10 videos of 60 seconds. Which means up to 10 minutes on video, you just have to upload consecutive sequences one after the other Download the following map offline.

3-Create more attractive tutorials

Many times the tutorials in videos are very evaded by users because they prefer a tutorial where you can show photo to photo the steps to achieve the task 원격 데스크톱 프로그램.
Now you can do it in Instagram, you have the possibility to explain in 10 photos the tutorial you choose.

You can see as an example this tutorial in photos made by Urban decay cosmetics


The Instagram slides are the ideal opportunity to carry on the storytelling remember that the strategy of storytelling allows us to create a unique and differentiated narrative that connects with our target audience 마인크래프트 체험판 다운로드. Marketing through storytelling campaigns is already a trend in digital marketing strategies to strengthen engagement and increase notoriety.

5-Shows a product or service from different angles

Many times showing the details of a product or service was very difficult in a single photo or video but with Instagram albums you can create an individual album for each product and upload several photos that will allow you to show all the relevant features of the Same already are several brands that are using this function in that way Download the sentence.

How are you using this new Instagram tool? Tell in the comments