How to put links/links in Instagram Stories (update may 2018)

One of the most common queries that Instagram users make is the possibility to put links or links to other websites in their stories subversion 다운로드.

To link a Web site from a storie must have a verified account of Instagram, users with verified accounts have at the top of the screen a hyperlink icon and there you can include the link Download the wii virtual console.
When you add a link to your story, those who access it will see the option view more at the bottom of the screen and can touch it to see the link inside the application 검정고무신 다운로드.

If you don't have a verified account you won't have the possibility to add links in your stories, and the only sites where you can add links will be in your Bio and through direct messages 너에게 닿기를 다운로드.

Verifying an Instagram account is not an easy task in fact there are many users who have verified accounts on Facebook but fail to verify their account in Instagram 영화 명당.
To verify your account in Instagram you must prove that someone is impersonating your identity or usurping the name of your organization or company and complete the complaint form you find in this link

Update May 2018

We update this post with new information referring to this topic gt designer3 got2000. Instagram is currently testing the option to share links from our stories not only with verified account users but also with any user that exceeds 10k followers Adams Family 2019.
So if you have more than 10000 followers in your Instagram account you should be able to add links to your story as shown in the image here:

Instagram is expected to finally put this functionality at the disposition of all users Download Lim Jin-rok 1. But as in many other cases this is done in a staggered way

Masks for Instagram Stories, new Snapchat style filters

Instagram in its new version allows you to use masks, filters very similar to those of Snapchat that allow to add visual effects on the face.

The new masking feature is available in eight different options, a crown, bunny ears, or glasses on your face in photos and videos, all thanks to augmented reality caption singing of Fashion of Christ. They work with both the secondary camera and the main and also work with the Boomerang recording option and can be shared by Instagram Direct or in Stories Download The Temperature of Love 1.

In turn, Instagram also added a tool to record videos in reverse, a camera option that is available alongside Boomerang and handsfree.

The filters in Instagram Stories are part of an update already available in the 10.21 version of IOS and Android Husk. Instagram says the function is gradually being enabled for its millions of users on both platforms.

How to activate the masks for Instagram stories

First you must update your APP to version 10.21 then you will see in the stories section A small tutorial that shows you how to use it and invites you to open the camera of stories 첵 무료. There is a new icon in the bottom right of the screen and tap and you can use the masks.

There are users who report that even with the updated version can not access the function of masks in some cases has been resolved to simply restart the device, and if it is resolved in that way there is no alternative to keep waiting because the change is It's gradually doing all the users 간단한 동영상 다운로드.

The best tricks for Instagram Stories

Today we bring 8 tricks to improve your publications in Instagram stories, these tricks will help you to create more visual images, more fun content and especially that your stories highlight the others 신비한 동물사전 자막.

1-Play background music in your video

Simply open your music player application, choose your song and play it 인크레더블 더빙. While this sounding opened Instagram stories and record your video of 6 seconds and ready the music that is playing will be heard in the background in your video Download Reversal 3.

2-Color The bottom of your Storie quickly.

Painting the entire background of the same color can be an overwhelming task by doing it manually but you can do this to make it simpler:
Select the Thickest marker tool (the middle one) and choose the color you want for your background, then hold down the screen for about 5 seconds and without raising your finger move it up and down Cloverfield Paradox. Ready! The background will automatically take the color you chose.

3-Hide your stories from certain users.

If you don't want a user or a group of users to see your stories you can do it very easily blast sound.
Before taking the photo for a really stories in the upper left a small symbol in the shape of a nut, tap there and enter the configuration of the story from there you can choose which users hide your story 영웅 의 검 7.

4-Create your own stickers

Now you can convert photos to stickers to add them to your stories, when you try to add a real sticker a new icon in the shape of a camera when you click on the you can get a small photo that will be transformed into a sticker and can be fixed on your storie 던전시즈2.

5-See who Saw your stories

To see who saw your story, open the story and slide your finger up on the screen. You will see the number of people who saw each photo or video in your story, along with their names Chinese lecture syllabus in Jung-ah.

6-Add 3d text to your Stories.

You can give your text a very simple 3d style Automatic download of Internet Explorer. You just have to write a text with a color and then the same with another color and put it just above the previous text.

7-Upload photos from your gallery to Instagram stories Download The Informant.

When it comes to posting a photo in your stories you can choose to pick a photo you have previously taken.
To do this you have to slide your finger up and you will get the photos you have obtained in the last 24 hours, choose the one you want and upload it the usual way.
If you want to upload an older picture you can see here how to do it

8-Uses Snapchat filters in Instagram stories.

We all know that Snapchat has many filters that are usually more fun than those found in Instagram, so you can choose to take a photo using Snapchat save it in your gallery and upload it to Instagram stories following the steps of Point 7.