How to download Instagram stories

Continuing with our guides and tutorials on Instagram stories in this post we will show you how to download and save the stories of Instagram from other users Download Ole Ebook.

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Many times we see in Instagram stories images or videos that we would like to watch again and the limit of 24 hours duration of the stories does not allow us to do so is why here we will explain very simple way we can download the Stories of Instagram t Anto photos as videos to save them on our cell phone and see them as often as we want Download other codes.

How to download Stories from another user

Step 1

To do this we will use the application InstaSaveStory can be downloaded in this link

Step 2

Once downloaded the app and we open it and we will find a menu that allows us to enter the user name of Instagram (the user must be properly written verifies well the name in Instagram before using the app) enter the name and tap the magnifying glass , we will appear an image like the one that see here where the user wanted to show us 황금투구전설.

Download Stories

Step 3

Once we find the user who want to download the story we choose to wait a few seconds to load and we will appear the Stories that this user has today Download the vulnerable elderly support system.


Below each Storie we will have a button that says "Download Image" or "Download Video" depending on the type of content 트와이스 cheer up. Tap that Download button Image or Video and the content will be stored in our cell.


If you still have doubts about the process you can see this video!

Alternative Online

If you do not want to download an app to download the Stories you can also do so online through the website

On this website just enter the user name of Instagram you can see the stories available to download.

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