How to put music in your Instagram story?

The right music can make a dull photo or video much more fun 밴드 게시물 다운로드! So Instagram announced a few days ago the possibility of putting music on Instagram Stories. Now you can add a song to your story to personalize it and express your mood 더 인크레더블 헐크. What do you expect to use it? In this post we explain how to do it

To add music to a story just go to the stickers section and you will see a new music icon KakaoTalk voice. Click on it to open the songs library, you can search for a particular song or simply browse the library by genre, popularity etc. When choosing the song you can choose the exact moment of the song you want to appear in your story 한중사전.

You can also choose a song before recording a video 킹 엑시트. When you open the camera make swipe to the new "music" option under the Record button. Look for a song, select the exact part you want to post and record the video while the song sounds apache apr.

When your followers see your story they will listen to the song while they watch your photo or video and they can also see a sticker showing the title of the song and the artist Download Windows Gadgets.

Why don't I get the music sticker on Instagram Stories?

Instagram announced this functionality on June 28 but even today almost two months later this functionality is not available to all users of Instagram Download Tekken 7 Technical Table.

The sticker of the music may not appear to you because this tool is not yet available in your country, Instagram announcement that only some countries selected Comenzarian to have this functionality and then partially would be releasing the rest Download Youtube mp4. So you may not be in one of the countries that have this functionality and therefore you can not use it.

Another aspect to consider to know why you do not work the music sticker is the version of the application you have installed. This new functionality is released from the version No. 51 of Instagram, so you should check what version you have installed on your phone and if you have a lower you must update the APP.

If after upgrading you do not yet appear the music stickers can try deleting the cache of the application, this is done from the settings menu or settings of your computer, you must look for the list of applications select "Instagram" and click "Delete Data Cache "

I have two accounts of Instagram and only in one I appear the music sticker

This behavior is very common in the operation of Instagram, many times users who have two accounts report this problem with this and several other features.

If you have two accounts and one works and the other does not, there are a number of steps you can follow to fix it.

1) Log in with your secondary account where the music sticker works
2) Create a storie with the music sticker and publish it
3) Put your cell phone in airplane mode and turn off the WIFI if you are connected to a network, change to your main account (which does not work the questions)
4) Create a storie with your main account and the recently used stickers will appear the music sticker
5) Publish it in airplane mode
6) Turn off the airplane mode
7) The Storie with the music will have been published and you can use the sticker in your stories.

I hope it works! Let us know as it was

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