Questions in Instagram Stories

Instagram throw stickers with questions, where you can ask questions to interact with your followers where they can respond and we can see their answers and share them 노바 1492 다운로드.

Instagram continues to add new features for its users, this Time allows us a very fun option to interact with our friends and followers, with the new stickers we can ask questions that are published in our Stories and our followers will be able to answer 언리얼4.
A topic that many are consulting about is the privacy of these answers, are anonymous? Who answered them?
How to put questions in the stories of Instagram Download the tv Literary Museum?
In this post we will clarify all those doubts.

Privacy of Instagram Stories questions

When you answer a question that a user made in his story, this answer is not anonymous is to say that whoever asked that question will know that it was you who answered 델파이 http 파일. So be careful with the answers that are sent.
Another important aspect of the privacy related to the questions is that the user who asked the question can see the answers and decide if they want to share them in their Stories, if the user decides to share the answer this will be anonymous Age of The Great War 2. That is to say that only the one who asks the question can know who responded.

How to use the questions in Instagram Stories

The operation of the questions is very simple here we explain step by step how to use them Download KakaoTalk apk.

1) Take a picture, video, Boomerang

2) Choose the button "sticker"

3) Select the questions option

4) Write the question you want

Publish History

6) Once the story has been published from the visualizations of your story you can see the answers to the questions and select the one you want to share with your followers Easy book.

Why can't I ask questions in my Instagram stories?

Many users consult us because they do not see the option of stickers to ask questions in their Stories this happens because Instagram usually launch these new features partially for a number of users before extending it to all Download Zeroboard 4.1. Despite this there are some steps that we can try to solve this problem.

  1. Verify that the application of Instagram is updated, enter your Play store or App Store and look for Instagram if you see the option to update do it and if you do not see the option means that your app is already up to date
  2.  If after upgrading you do not yet appear the stickers to ask questions you can try deleting the cache of the application, this is done from the menu of settings you must look for the list of applications select "Instagram" and click In "Clear data cache"

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