The best ideas for your surveys in Instagram Stories

Surveys in Instagram stories are one of the most popular features since their launch on the platform oott. They are a very entertaining way to interact with your followers. So in this post we leave several ideas for you to do the most fun surveys in your Stories

Funny survey Ideas for your stories

Surveys on the series/film of the moment

Popular series and movies are a great source of ideas for making surveys in your Stories. The most popular ones generate love and hatred and most of your followers will want to answer related questions.

You can ask questions for your friends to answer which is their favorite character in a series, to choose the season that they like a classic series, or even better to choose between two series or rival films Download sql 2008 r2.

Music surveys

Music is another great option when it comes to generating surveys in your Stories. There are thousands of questions you can ask about music for your followers to answer. Even now by adding the music sticker you can put the song or band you're polling on to make it sound deep in the story Download Nobletown.
You can do the classic survey by asking: "Do you like this song?" while the song is playing in the background or you can even be more creative and put the song with a cut right in the chorus and ask your followers as follows the song giving two possible Options.

Surveys to see who knows you more

You can take advantage of the polls to ask questions about yourself and give your followers options to get 파이썬. The idea is to make several stories with several questions and that the users go answering. For example you can do a survey asking what is your favorite food?, if you prefer summer or winter, which is your favorite band?, what football team are you a fan? Or even make the poll more piquant and ask more personal aspects about your relationship ask if you know each other personally, if you have ever kissed, if you like etc Download Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

To do your surveys is always better to use a good background image for that you can see our funds for Instagram Stories in this link 니드포 스피드 시프트. Instagram Stories Wallpapers

Why don't I get the polls in Instagram Stories

Although this functionality of Instagram takes many months available for use There are still users who report that you can not use this sticker. Here we leave several alternatives so you can solve this problem.

1) Check your version of Instagram

Because you don't have enough space on your device or you have disabled Automatic Updates from Instagram, you may not have a compatible version of the poll sticker Download the free sound source. You must verify that the version of Instagram you have installed is superior to version 16 that is where the polls appeared or you can simply enter your app Store to search for Instagram and verify that the Update button appears.

2) clears APP data cache

Sometimes the Instagram data cache can bring problems and limit the functionality so deleting the cache is a quick option and can be useful in this case Download gumble yu once.
To do this you must go to the menu settings or settings of your cell phone, find the list of applications, choose Instagram in that list and the options of storage choose Clear Data cache. Attention is likely to do this you have to enter the app again with your data so be sure to remember your username and password.

3) Alternative solution emu8086 다운로드.

If you already tried the two alternatives described above and this does not solve the problem means that the drawback is not in the version of Instagram or your mobile. It often happens that in the partial implementation that Instagram makes these features some users are left out of this implementation. But do not despair here we leave the solution overwatch 다운로드.

As the possibility of creating surveys in your stories should be completely available to all users if you create a new account you will be able to use the poll sticker. We are not asking you to leave your account for a new one but to make a new account that will serve to run the polls in your usual account.

1) Log in with your new account where the polls sticker works
2) Create a storie with the sticker and publish it
3) Put your cell phone in airplane mode and turn off the WIFI-in case you are connected to a network-switch to your main account (in which the questions do not work)
4) Create a storie with your main account and the recently used stickers will appear the survey sticker
5) Publish it in airplane mode
6) Turn off the airplane mode
7) The Storie with the survey will have been published and you can use the sticker in your stories.

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