Icons for your Instagram Stories highlights

In this post you will find the best covers and icons for your highlights stories in Instagram

The stories of Instagram have a ephemeral duration, by default will only be 24 hours available for your followers to see, but luckily Instagram allows us to extend the life of our stories through the stories highlighted Download Windowsxp ie8.

The highlights stories are great, Allow us to leave old stories in our profile so that anyone can see them. You can also order them as you prefer no matter the order in which they have been published Shut down. Also Instagram allows us to personalize even more our highlights stories adding the possibility of choosing an icon or cover for these.

As we see in the image we can personalize the cover of our highlighted stories and add an image that gives more life to our profile and represents the content of those stories Download the Japanese translator.

How to choose the cover for your outstanding stories

When entering your profile of Instagram you will see an icon with the + sign and the label "new" This option is the one that allows you to create new stories highlighted using your old stories Download last stand.

By selecting the stories we want and clicking next we will see a new screen in which we can personalize our highlighted stories. There we can choose a name for this and we also have the option "edit cover" lg 스마트 리커버리 다운로드.

When selecting "Edit Cover" we can choose as cover one of the stories or click on the image icon and select a cover that we already have on our phone Download for five people.

Download icons/cover Stories Highlights

If you liked the icons for the highlighted stories shown in the picture above, we have a complete pack of icons for your stories that you will like much more 카트라이더 러쉬.
All these images are already in the right size to be able to use them.

You can see all the icons on this Drive. Download Icons Stories Highlights