Draw Yourself the new viral challenge in Instagram

In the last days with a simple slogan many users of Instagram have joined the Hashtag #DrawYourself sharing their drawings and already carry more than 7000 post Black tea people.

The Draw Yourself Challenge had its beginning in Instagram both in the stories and the traditional publications paint.net 다운로드. But it's already being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The challenge quickly became viral because of its sympathy and simplicity Download Tail of Tales. This challenge is a template with a figure of a person with a small torso and a big head and encourages users to use that template to draw themselves and share it with their followers 무한도전 가요제 2015.

The idea is to take advantage of the editing and drawing tools of instagram stories, to try to reflect ourselves in that small image.

Instagram users have achieved some very funny and interesting designs only with the tools that Instagram gives us, others have opted to use third party tools to make their drawing more beautiful and even there were users who made the challenge in the form of animated Cartoon in a small video Quick download of YouTube videos.

The challenge has a small message in the image to favor its viralizacion and says "Leave a blank behind" so that yous followers can use the empty template and also publish their challenge "Draw Yourself" cj typeface. But if you do not have the blank template do not get into trouble in this link we leave it so you can join the challenge 그레이브 인카운터 다운로드!