How to share stories of Instagram?

Instagram allows us to have several options to share content in your application 지니 음악. In this post we will explain how to share stories in which you have been tagged in your stories, how to share your publications or other users in your stories and how to share stories of other users by direct message Download exciting trots.

One of the most common queries of the users of Instagram is about the options when sharing content with our followers here we will help you to solve your doubts about this Pre-Genesis 3 Part 2.

How to share a story of another person in your stories

This feature allows you to post stories on Instagram, to share a Storie of someone else first this person must have tagged you in their history 페그오 1000만.
Being labeled in that story Instagram allows you to also share it in your story.
To achieve this you must enter to the message/notification that arrives when someone tags you in a Storie 시그널 1회.
There you will see a small preview of the history in which you mentioned and a text in blue that says "Add this content to your story"

By clicking on that option you can share that story as if it were yours and add the additives you prefer, stickers, gifs etc 210 청춘시대 다운로드.

Share publications in Instagram Stories

Instagram now allows us to share our publications or other users (as long as their profile is public) in our stories bootstrap.jar. By adding the publication in our history we can add stickers, text, hashtags, polls, questions and any extra add as if it were a normal storie.

The steps to achieve them are very simple and here we explain Download for autocad students.

1) We look for the publication that we want to share in Instagram Stories

2) at the bottom of the publication click on the Direct icon.

3) We will see the option "Add publication to your story" which is the one we should select

4) If we want we can add text, surveys or any content like a common story and publish it.

Share Stories on Instagram direct

1) to share the story of another user by Instagram direct you enter to see the story and in the bottom right will appear the button Instagram Direct

2) Clicking on that button will show you the list of your friends in Instagram, there you can choose who to share the story and click Send!

Why can't I share stories in Instagram?

While the story sharing functionality in which we have been tagged is available on Instagram several months ago, there are still users who cannot use this functionality.
Several users have reported that although they receive the message with notification informing that they were tagged in a Storie, in that message they do not have the action to be able to publish the content in their history therefore they can not share in Instagram stories.
This lack of functionality is unfortunately sometimes very common in Instagram where certain users can not enjoy all the tools that the App but here we leave some steps that can be used to correct it.

1) Verify that the application of Instagram is updated, enter your Play store or App Store and look for Instagram if you see the option to update do it and if you do not give the option means that your app is already updated
2) If after upgrading you do not appear the option to share history of Instagram, you can try deleting the cache of the application, this is done from the menu of settings or configuration of your computer, you must look for the list of applications select "Instagram" and Click on "Clear Data cache"