The Instagram Green Point: Now it alerts you when your friends are connected

In these last days many users of Instagram wonder what is the green circle next to the profile photo in Instagram, in this post we bring the answer

What is the green dot on Instagram reigns 다운로드?

Instagram has been updated and from now on you can find out who is or is not connected to your social network very quickly. The green dot will mean that this user is online and you can talk to him through Direct Download Prima Vera.

Otherwise, if you do not see this little green dot, then the person will not be available at that moment.

This new functionality is the same as it was running on Facebook where a green dot also express that a user is connected and is similar to the famous "online" of WhatsApp 팔링고.

Can I remove the green dot from Instagram?

Many users are not satisfied with this new functionality because at some point can jeopardize our privacy about what we do on our cell phone and are looking for ways to avoid showing this green circle.

At the moment is not possible by a configuration of Instagram prevent this green dot deployment, it would be interesting to future Instagram added this possibility considering the requests of its users.