Instagram stories How to see the stories anonymously

Many times it happens that we want to see the content of some user of Instagram but we would like that he does not know Android apk. In this post, we will explain in a very simple way how to see the stories anonymously.

See Instagram stories without being seen

How to see stories of Instagram without noticing is one of the most common queries of users of Instagram, is that the visualizations of the stories are often a tool that plays against us when we want to see a story without the user s Epa 신나는 댄스 곡. Here we leave the different alternatives to see Instagram stories without being seen

First alternative

Using the Web site stories IG App We can very simply view the stories of other users and even download them to our device, both photos, and videos 리니지 클라이언트 4.7 다운로드.

This tool is very easy to use we only have to access the Web site enter the name of the user of Instagram and ready 페인터 9! After a few seconds will appear the stories of that user, the exact date and time in which it was published we will also have the possibility of Download them and all this in a totally anonymous way lg osp 다운로드.

Second alternative

If for some reason the first alternative does not work or you prefer to try otherwise there is another very simple way to do so Download Shin Hayarigami.
This alternative works using the airplane mode of your phone, for this you must enter to Instagram in a normal way wait for the stories to be loaded that you want to view anonymously but without entering them.
Once you have loaded correctly put your cell phone in airplane mode and turn off the Wi-Fi in case you’re connected to any network.
By doing this you can enter to see the stories you want totally anonymous because not being connected to the Internet the other user will not know what you visualized.
Then you can put your cellphone back in normal mode and turn on the Wifi again.

I hope you liked the post, and any questions you have do not hesitate to comment!