How to share Spotify songs in Instagram Stories


How many times did you get screenshots on Spotify to share your favorite playlist or song in Instagram 중국 드라마 대본? You've probably done it many times like everyone else. But no more, in this post we show a simpler way to do it.

Music is never something we should be selfish about, sharing our musical tastes with friends and followers is an excellent option that now Instagram and Spotify simplify us 파인딩 블루 버그 판.

With this new Instagram functionality allows us to share in the stories our favorite playlist, song or album without laps and easily.

1) Open Spotify

We open Spotify and we go to our album, song or Playlist that we want to share

2) Click on the context menu

Click on the 3 points on the top right of the screen

3) Select Sharer

4) Choose "Instagram Stories"

Selecting this option will automatically open Instagram and show you a Storie with the image related to the content you are sharing.  You can edit your story to your liking by enlarging or shrinking that image as well as adding text and stickers.

When you have finished editing your storie you can share it. Once the public your followers can see and through it enter directly to Spotify Continue reading How to share Spotify songs in Instagram Stories